14 Reasons to use cloth Diaper

14 Reasons to use cloth Diaper
14 Reasons to use cloth Diaper
14 Reasons to use cloth Diaper

Why Use Cloth Diapers:14 Justifications for Cloth Diapers

Every diaper has its pros and cons. Many people think that cloth diapers are unhealthy, but considering economics and the environment, cloth diapers are better. Proper use of cloth diapers can enhance your diaper experience. Dealing with baby poop may initially cause discomfort, but with time, it becomes a habit and you can deal with it efficiently.

Let us share with you some reasons to use cloth diapers:

  1. Technology has made using cloth diapers much easier, offering many options that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. This means you don’t have to wash cloth diapers every day. There are diapers that can be reused by simply changing the absorbent.

2. Gone are the days of washing cloth diapers by hand or at the riverbank. Today, there are a variety of printed companion diapers available on the market. Investing in good quality diapers saves both money and time, eliminating the need for daily washing and drying in the sun.

14 Justifications for Cloth Diapers

3.  Cloth diapers are chemical-free and do not cause rashes or injuries to your baby’s skin, provided they are changed regularly to avoid the risk of rashes.

4.  Currently, 18 billion disposable diapers are wasted worldwide every year, taking 500 years to decompose. In contrast, cloth diapers help save the environment and significantly reduce waste

5.  Many countries exempt taxes on cloth diapers, and many online platforms offer free delivery. Alternatively, cloth diapers are readily available at various pharmacies and supermarkets near your home.

6.  Cloth diapers can be used for two to three years after the initial purchase, eliminating the worry about diapers until your baby is ready for toilet training. It’s advisable to buy different-sized diapers according to your baby’s age, as they grow quickly.

7.  Cloth diapers come in attractive colors and designs that children love. Nowadays, cloth diapers offer higher absorbency than disposable diapers

14 Justifications for Cloth Diapers

8.  Children who use cloth diapers tend to be ready for toilet training sooner compared to those who use disposable diapers

9.  Cloth diapers can be used on multiple babies if properly cared for, making them a cost-effective option. You can even sell them to other moms to recoup some of your investment.

10.  Disposable diapers generate 2700 kilograms of non-biodegradable waste per child, much more than cloth diapers. On average, a child needs 25 to 30 cloth diapers per month, which equates to roughly 120 disposable diapers, resulting in a significant environmental impact. Additionally, cloth diapers offer cost savings compared to disposable diapers.

11.  Cloth diapers provide more comfortable coverage as babies learn to walk.

12.  Doctors recommend counting wet diapers to ensure the baby is getting enough milk. Counting cloth diapers is easier than counting disposable diapers.

13.  Cloth diapers tend to be changed more often, but they don’t always need changing as frequently, especially at night when you can add extra absorbent material for overnight use.

14.    An estimated $1000 is spent on disposable diaper for each child On the other hand, you can save these dollars by using cloth diapers.


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