When a baby is born and comes as a new member to the family, there are certain things that parents worry about. For example, how much it will cost to buy diapers, how many diapers will be needed, which diapers have more absorbency and what size diapers should be bought according to age. Parents are endlessly worried about how baby weighs and what diaper size is right for them. Today we select diaper sizes according to age.

Diaper sizes By Age :

If you have decided to use disposable diapers, you should know that disposable diapers come in different sizes and which one you need depends on the baby’s weight and age. Baby uses a lot of diapers after birth. However, as the baby grows, the size of the diaper will change and the use of diapers will gradually decrease, which will reduce your daily expenses.

Size O :

This diaper size is used for babies weighing 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg. This size diaper is especially recommended for term babies and newborns. In most cases this size diaper is not used. Because most babies weigh 2.5 kg to 3 kg at birth. This size diaper is recommended for use only in infants or underweight children. It is recommended to stop using this size diaper when the baby gains weight quickly after birth. Because the baby’s waist size increases with weight gain, this diaper no longer fits.

SIZE 1 :

This diaper pattern is usually recommended for babies weighing between two and five kilograms. This diaper is used a lot but only for a short time. As the average weight of a baby at birth is 3 kg.  In the first two to three weeks after birth, the baby’s weight increases by leaps and bounds. A baby weighing 5 kg can use this diaper. If the child weighs more than 5 kg, then the size of the diaper needs to be changed. So don’t buy too many diaper in this size in the first place. If you buy more quantity then it will remain unusable as baby weight gain is not easy to replace with baby’s body and it is in very short period of time . Even the baby’s waist and pressure will be felt.

Size 2 :

Diapers in this size are generally recommended for children weighing 4 to 8 kg. This is usually the first size of the diaper that is used as soon as the baby leaves the hospital. But the diaper in this form is used for the first three months. Because the baby’s weight is around 8 to 10 kg in the first three months, this size diaper is not suitable for use after three months.


Size 3:

This size diaper is for babies weighing 6 to 10 kg. These types of diapers are used for a long time. Diapers in this form are used at a time when the baby’s weight is gradually increasing, so these diapers are used from the first three months to 6 months or more. Diapers of this size are used in some cases for up to a year. Because during this time the baby’s weight gradually increases.

Size 4:

Diapers in this size are generally recommended for babies weighing nine to 14 kg. Usually this is the last size of the diaper that the child uses before leaving the diaper. But everything depends on the size of the child. Size 5 is used if the child is very tall and weighs 15 to 16 kg between two and two and a half years. Because children usually weigh 9 to 14 kg between two and two and a half years.

SIZE 5 :

This diaper size is recommended for babies weighing 11 to 16 kg. Most babies cannot use this size diaper. Because these size diapers are used by children who are overweight for their age and have a large waist. Babies usually start going to the toilet before using this size diaper.


Diapers in this size are recommended for babies weighing more than 14 kg. Some babies use diapers in this form because at this age they control their sphineters. And this size diaper is used more at night because at night they can’t control the sphineters completely. Diapers of this size are generally not used unless absolutely necessary, although if used it is for a very short period of time.

Diaper sizes vary depending on the baby’s weight. It is impossible to know in advance what the child’s growth rate will be according to age. It is important to choose the right diaper size according to the baby’s weight. If we choose big or small diapers then it will not fit the baby body and the diapers will not fit the baby. There is a possibility of diaper leakage.  If the diaper is small, it cannot absorb the amount of urine of the baby and it leaks out. Even the baby’s skin also causes irritation.

Adaptable diapers for babies :

  1. Reusable diapers or adapted cloth diapers for babies are becoming popular day by day
  2. These are made of cotton fabric and organic material making it more natural and soft on the baby’s skin. These are thicker and swell more than disposable diapers.
  3. Washing these diapers will depend on how often you change them and how many babies you have at home. However, diapers may need to be washed every two to three days.
  4. The environmental impact of these diapers is much lower than that of disposable diapers and results in economic savings.

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