Baby Skin Care In Summer

The integrity of the baby skin care when the baby is essential for its correct development. In addition, the skin is part of the immune system and participates in the regulation of body temperature. Therefore, taking care of the health of the baby’s skin is essential so that it can develop its function well.

What is newborn skin like?
Newborn children have more delicate skin than older children and adults because they have not yet reached full maturity. The main characteristics of the baby’s skin are the following:

It is very fragile, because the layers that form it are not yet fully formed.
It is thinner because the dermis, one of its components, is thinner at birth.
It is paler, because it has not yet reached the final number of melanomas, which are the cells that give us skin color.
The sweat glands do not work well and do not regulate the
body temperature.
It has less hair, because the hair follicle is smaller.
How you should take care of the skin of the newborn in summer
In the summer you have to take into account two factors that can affect the baby’s skin: the sun and the heat.

Since newborns have less natural pigmentation, the sun is more dangerous and we must take extreme precautions to avoid sunburn. To do this, we must seek:

Do not expose the baby directly to the sun.
Keep him in the shade (for example, under the umbrella).
Dress him in light cotton or linen clothing.
It is not recommended to use sun protection creams before six months of life, since the skin is still immature and allergic reactions may occur.

The second factor that we must take into account is the heat. In summer, the appearance of rashes due to sweat or sudamines is frequent, which occur because the baby’s sweat glands still do not work well. In addition, since babies cannot release body heat well through their skin, there is a risk of hyperthermia (excessive internal heat), which can be life-threatening.

On the other hand, babies have a very large body surface area and in the heat they lose a lot of fluid through the skin, running the risk of dehydration. To avoid dehydration, it is advisable to keep them in cool environments and frequently give them liquids to drink.
In summary, in summer babies have to be in the shade, wear cool clothes and drink a lot of fluids.

Products to care for baby’s skin in summer
In the summer we should not abandon the hygienic routines of the rest of the year. You have to clean the baby’s skin with special soft products for your skin and moisturize it daily with suitable moisturizing creams.

In addition, in the summer we must take into account the following:

If we bathe the baby, then we must remove traces of sand or chlorine by showering him with clean water.
It is not recommended to use sun protection creams before six months of life
Above six months, we must use appropriate photo protectors for their age.
Remember to apply them in sufficient quantity and repeat the application periodically, especially if the baby is bathed.

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