History Of Diaper And Diapering

History Of Diaper And Diapering
History Of Diaper And Diapering
History Of Diaper And Diapering

Diaper is one of the few products that are used for baby growth. All mothers in the world are very sensitive about diapers. All mothers worry about which diaper is best for baby but many mothers don’t know when to start using diapers, how did it start or who invented the diaper? We should all know about the diapers history .


Diapers were used since the beginning of human civilization but cloth was not used. In primitive times cotton leaves with some marks were combined with animal skins and grasses and used as diapers. What you may not know is that Maria Allen began making cloth diapers commercially in 1887.


In the late 1800s, children in Europe and North America used a type of cloth. What are now known as environmental diaper. It was a square or rectangle of linen flannel or cotton cloth folded into a rectangle and used as a diaper using a safety pen. Initially, diapers were made of cotton or linen cloth, later they were made in patterns. Maria Allen was the first to commercially manufacture and market cloth diapers in the USA in 1887.


During World War II, women entered industrial work to fill the vacancies created by men leaving the war. There was no time to be Washed diaper because mothers were going out to work. It was then that clean and pre-folded diapers began to be supplied as they are now. During this period more and more disposable diapers began to be produced. The first disposable absorbent pack used as a diaper was developed in 1982 by the paulistrom. It was developed as a type of raw cellulose fabric.

In 1946 the first watertight enclosure was introduced. The waterproof covers are believed to have been made from silt skins of algae. But many people don’t think it is real. Then someone called Marion Donavan made a shower curtain cover. Next he added snaps to the cover and wrapped it around the diaper. Since then the cloth diaper revolution began.


It was started one night in 1946 by a very tired mother Marion Donavan who was confronted with the crying of her wet baby. Changing her second daughter’s diapers and dresses Marin Donavan felt there might be better ways to keep babies dry. After a while he tore off his bathroom shower curtain and cut out a section and sat down at the sewing machine to make something out of the shower curtain that would prevent the baby diaper from leaking. The first cloth diapers cover made from that first spring material went on to become a worldwide sensation and the approval of many American mothers.


In 1999 Lemolson Center archivest find Marion Donovans notes find arena ,advertising articles etc.The archivest had the opportunity to gather a wealth of information in two store rooms in  Donovan’s former flat in New York.


Merion  donovan diaper cover patent sold to Cocoa Corporation for $1 million in 1991. Decades of disposable diaper design followed minor modifications and Big companies like Procter & Gamble participate in the market. After the 1980s two features of disposable diapers were introduced  velero and superabsorbent get. Which was not the case before the 1980s.

History Of Diaper And Diapering

In 1966 superabsorbent polymers were invented by Billy gene harper and Carlyle harmon named two gentleman.  In 2000, a Mexican company Absormax launched the world’s first biodegradable diaper.


Disposable diapers have grown from scratch to the billion dollar industry they are today. Cloth diapers have become increasingly functional and comfortable. The industry of cloth drivers has grown tremendously in the last three decades. In the 1980s, supplies were limited and were only available in department stores through catalog order.


We now live in a time when you can choose fabric diapers from 1000’s of different colors, prints and styles. You can choose a diaper from a US tech mother if you want or buy a $5 diaper from a Chinese factory.

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