How  To Baby skin care in summer?

Baby skin care in summer

Tips To Baby Skin Care In Summer Days

Baby skin care in summer

Newborn babies have very sensitive skin from the time they are born. Different types of germs touch his skin at birth.

Baby skin care is related to baby’s emotional development. skin are part of the immune system and participate in the regulation of body temperature. So it is essential to take care of the baby’s skin

How is the skin of a newborn?

Newborn babies have much more delicate skin than adults, About 5 * are thinner because they have not yet reached certain maturity.

The main characteristics of the baby’s skin are:

*Baby’s skin is very fragile. Because  the skin layers are not fully formed.

*A baby’s skin is very thin at birth because it consists of dermis.

*A baby’s skin is pale after birth because it has not yet reached a certain number of melanocytes Cells that change the color of our body.

*Sweat glands do not function well and regulate body temperature well.

*A baby’s head has less hair because the hair follicles in the newborn are small

How to take care of newborn baby’s skin in summer:

Two things that usually affect baby’s skin during summer are sun and heat. Since newborns have less natural pigments, the sun is more dangerous, so precautions must be taken to protect newborns from exposure. For that some things have to be followed:

  1. Never place the baby in direct sunlight. The sweet morning sun is good for the baby’s body. But over-exertion also has a serious effect on the baby’s skin.
  2. Always keep him in the shade, such as under an umbrella, especially when outside.
  3. Dress the baby in cotton and linen clothes in summer.

Do not apply sunscreen cream on babies before 6 months. Because  the baby’s skin is not mature before 6 months. If you use sunscreen before six months, they can cause allergies on the baby’s skin. Use sunscreen cream when baby goes outside from 6 months of age.

The heat of the summer sun is very harmful for the baby. Avoid it as much as possible. Baby sweats frequently in summer due to the baby’s glands not working properly. Since the baby’s skin cannot release body heat well. Hence the baby is at risk of hyperthermia which is very harmful for the baby.

Due to extreme heat, the baby’s skin loses a lot of fluid, which puts the baby at risk of dehydration. Keep them in a cool environment to avoid dehydration and help or encourage them to drink fluids frequently. Children should stay in the shade in summer, wear cool and soft clothes and drink plenty of fluids frequently.

Skin care products in summer:

Baby’s skin is more sensitive during summer. Therefore, no chemical products or cosmetics should be used during this time. Baby’s body must be cleansed with special gentle products and hydrated daily with a suitable moisturizing cream to protect the baby’s skin.

Try to bathe the baby every day during summer. While bathing must be done with clean water. It is better not to use any perfumed soap or shampoo while bathing. No sunscreen cream should be used before the age of 6 months. After 6 months, have the baby use an appropriate sunscreen cream. These products must be contactless and alcohol-free, and they must be applied adequately and consistently.

Baby skin care in summer

How to treat skin problems in baby and child in summer:

Children’s skin is very delicate during summer. So children have to take extra care of their skin during summer. I will discuss what kind of problems children can have during summer:

It is very common for baby’s skin to be drier and more dehydrated during summer. Also the UV rays and heat of the sun are harmful to the baby which can put the baby at health risk.

What problems affect children’s skin the most in summer?

The main problems at this time are eczema with redness and itching due to excess time in water.

The main problem at this time are Eczema ( Dry skin with redness and itching due to prolonged exposure to water). Miliaria or sudamina ( Rash on the chest, abdomen and face due to sweating). Planter hyperhidrosis ( Blisters on the soul of the feet , hands , usually due to wearing socks or shoes on hot dyas) . Mouth and foot disease ( Various infections) Etc.

Sunburn is common in children during summer. However, the harsh sunlight can have harmful effects on the baby’s health. If the baby’s skin gets sunburned, it is recommended to bathe him in spring and cold water. And apply soothing creams to the area and hydrate the skin well and keep the baby hydrated with water frequently. If the child’s body gets burnt in the sun, then you can apply a cloth soaked in cold water to the affected area. It is important to protect children well from the sun and prevent sunburn.

So, Taking care of children is very important in summer.


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