How To Care For Your Baby’s Hair IN 2024

How To Care For Your Baby's Hair IN 2024

Tips To Care Your Baby Hair Properly

How To Care For Your Baby's Hair IN 2024
How To Care For Your Baby's Hair IN 2024

The hair that babies are usually born with is very fine and thin and falls out as they grow. Not all babies are born with the same hair. Some babies have very little hair and some babies have a lot of hair. One thing you may wonder about when baby’s hair is permanent is how you take care of baby’s hair. We will share with you some basic baby hair care tips:

Baby’s hair usually starts growing around 16 weeks of pregnancy and these hairs eventually fall out during pregnancy. At another stage, when the new hair grows in the baby, the amount of hair in the baby can be determined. Some babies are born with less hair which grows back in a short period of time, while others are born with a full head of hair but do not grow much later. You should take full care of your baby’s proper hair growth. Which you have to keep in practice until the child grows up.

The hair that babies are born with is very thin and soft and disappears within weeks. The hair that the baby is born with will not be the same color as the subsequent hairs. Subsequent hairs will become progressively thicker and stronger.

Let me share some baby hair care tips or advice that will be useful for your baby hair care every day:

Wash with neutral soap:

Hair is dirty and greasy when a baby is born. Since the baby is born vaginally, it is probably normal for blood spots on the baby’s head. It is a normal thing. At birth, some white matter is visible on the baby’s head. This substance is called vernix phase. It is a substance that protects the baby both inside and outside the womb. So do not rush to wash the baby’s head. Experts insist on giving baby’s first bath late.

Does that mean the baby’s hair can’t be washed?

YES, Of course it can be washed. From the fourth or fifth day of birth, bathe the newborn with products that are not aggressive to the baby’s skin. Such ideals products have no preservatives, dyes, perfumes, and do not contain any substances such as petroleum chemicals.  Parents should use Such as gel soaps, emulsions and creams.

A newborn baby does not need to bathe or wash his head daily. Warm water and baby-friendly gel or soap should be used while bathing the baby. Baby-friendly shampoos that help protect baby’s scalp and hair can be used from around six months of age.

Beware of cradle cap on the newborns head:

Cradle cap is a bunch of white or yellow scabs that mainly appear on the baby’s scalp. It usually comes out three months in advance . It does not cause itching or sores on baby’s scalp. It is a seborrheic dermatitis caused by over activity of the skin’s oil-producing glands .

Sometimes they form between the ears in the eyebrows and some body parts. But with time it disappeared. It does not cause discomfort on baby’s skin. If you want to remove it, you can massage it with olive oil 20 minutes before bathing the baby. Can be gently removed by hand with a comb.

Dry the head well and use a soft brush:

As newborn hair falls out and is replaced with new hair, the amount will be greater than before. So it is important to dry the baby’s hair gently with a towel after bathing. Comb the hair with a soft brush or a round tip comb to prevent any frizz. This is a daily practice that first parents should do. There are many children who are girls who get a lot of tangles in their middle hair especially at the back. So this matter is very uncomfortable for children. To do this you should try to make brushing the baby’s hair fun and use a soft brush so that your baby doesn’t get hurt.

Should The Baby’s Hair Be Cut Or Shaved?

Many parents wonder what to do? In the first stage of the newborn, the hair should be shaved off. Because pregnancy hair becomes very soft and thin and never grows back. The process may be more or less obvious later depending on the amount of hair the baby has. If you are going to smooth out all the edges and areas of the baby’s head, you will need to cut the hair. However, it does not affect the size of the baby’s hair growth. It won’t be dense or healthy no matter how much you cut it. So the baby should be shaved two to three times in the first stage. Because  the next hair will grow thicker and stronger.

When children’s hair grows or grows longer, especially girls, hair clippings should also be avoided until such time. Thus, hats or other items should not be used to cover the baby’s hair when it is wet. Baby hair is usually very fine and any accessories that retain moisture can damage it. Rubber bands keep the hair tight which damages the hair and scalp. This is why you should avoid them if you want to get full of baby hair.

Keep such small items out of the reach of the baby as these small products can be put in the baby’s mouth at any time resulting in choking hazard.

How To Care For Your Baby's Hair IN 2024

Take Care Of Baby’s Hair With Massages:

Infant Message has multiple benefits for the baby. In general it has physical and emotional benefits as it helps to establish emotional connection with the baby.

It is recommended to massage the baby’s head daily. It relaxes the baby as well as improves blood flow to the scalp and helps in hair growth. However, this should be done very carefully. If you can do this with fingers or very soft bristles, your baby will feel very comfortable and will help calm the baby.

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