How to care your baby nails?

How to care your baby nails

How To Care For Newborns Nails? Should They Be Cut Or Not:

How to care your baby nails
How to care your baby nails

The nails with which the baby is born begin to form from 22 weeks of pregnancy. Some babies are born with nails growing from the ends of their fingers. Especially  if the pregnancy lasts more than 40 weeks. The problem is that the nails that babies are born with can scratch themselves or create wounds. If the nails are very short and thin at birth.

Nails are very soft at birth. The nails are usually immature then. Babies swim in amniotic fluid before birth.

In newborns, the nails are very close to the skin after birth. Children may knock you if you try to cut the nails. Although the nails are very thin, they are very sharp. Some experts explain that because a baby’s nails are thin after birth, they are fragile in nature. So it probably breaks on its own within the first week of birth. If not, the nails should be cut with a special soft cutter in the first or second week.

But if you want, you can cut them even after a month has passed since the birth. Because  after that time parents are more confident in taking care of the child.

Newborn nail care:

  1. Use round tip scissors or special nail clippers. Cut the nails straight and round without leaving the tip. After the nails grow, they should not be able to create wounds on their skin.
  2. Do not shave them flush with the skin.
  3. If you rush too much, there is a risk that the baby’s skin may be injured by the nails growing.


How to cut baby nails:

*Trimming and caring for newborns The first few days with the baby are not easy for new parents to manage. This is a huge challenge for new parents.

*It is better to choose a quiet moment for the child to cut the nails. When the baby falls asleep after eating, the baby’s hands are very soft and cool and the nails can be cut very easily.

*You can hold your baby quietly on your lap or place them on a flat surface such as a changing table while cutting the nails. This is a job that requires happiness and a good hand. Do not use any kind of chemicals on the nails.

*Clean the nail particles with a cleanser two to three times a week. So that no dirt accumulates inside the nails.

*Be very careful when cutting nails. Because the baby’s nails are very close to the skin at first.

*As the baby grows, you will feel more confident doing this and include it in your daily routine And observe it daily and that their little ones do not injure the body. Observe whether the baby’s nails have grown properly.

*Follow the same procedure for trimming baby’s toenails, although toenails grow less than fingernails.

*Keep the child calm while cutting the nails. If the child is not calm there is a possibility of cutting the fingers. Keep them distracted and have a toy in their other hand while cutting their nails.

Is biting children’s nails right?:

You may have heard that the safest way to cut a newborn’s nails is for the mother to bite their nails. However, various experts say that this is not a safe approach. With this method, you cannot see the baby’s nails very well and they are very small and thin at birth. You cannot mark the border of the nail with your teeth as it is very dangerous.

So parents should be very careful  in the care of children’s nails.


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