How To Care your Baby’s Eyes?

How To Care your Baby’s Eyes?

Tips To Care Your Newborn Babies Eyes

How To Care your Baby’s Eyes?

One of the most important and sensitive parts of the baby’s body is the baby’s eyes. So it is very essential to keep them cleaned and properly cared for.

You need to know how to apply the special care your baby’s eyes need to ensure good eye health and physical development in the future. You can contribute to her health and keep her healthy by following several hygiene and grooming habits.

A newborn’s eyes are growing and developing and will continue to grow until the child is six to seven years old. The first three years will be the adaptation and refinement of the vision until the total represents 50%. By the time the child reaches 5 years of age, his eye acuity will become adult-like. Eye care is essential to bring the child to their full potential in the future.

Baby’s Eyes Cleaning Guide:

Babies are exposed to a lot of pressure at birth which affects their eyes and causes them to become red and swollen. Because of this their eyes are almost closed. After some time the swelling subsides and the child is able to open his eyes. Newborns have a lot of mucus in their eyes which may be due to rheumatism or discharge. It is sufficient to clean the excess ream from time to time until an infection occurs or the discharge changes color.

Some tips to follow to clean your baby’s eyes carefully:

*If the baby wakes up without opening his eyes, they are stuck together by discharge. You can wet a sterile clean cloth with boiled water and gently rub the eye, you will see that little by little it separates and the baby is able to open his eyes quickly.

*Clean the eyes and the area around the eyes daily, moving from the tear ducts towards the ears to prevent dirt from accumulating in the eyes.

* Use a sterile clean pad for each eye to reduce the risk of cross-contamination

* If you are traveling or walking outside, you can use special single-use wipes to avoid risk to baby’s eyes and for baby hygiene.

* Check the baby’s eyes for redness, swelling, or a lot of yellow or green discharge.

* If you notice that the child is crying in bright light then it may be necessary to visit an eye specialist.

How To Care your Baby’s Eyes?

Stimulates Baby’s vision:

*Eye hygiene is essential for baby’s health. But it is important to stimulate their vision to encourage proper development. Follow some tips to enrich your baby’s vision.

*First, make sure your baby gets enough natural light and it should not be dark most of the time. Use a hat or glasses to protect the baby’s eyes from the sun if you are walking on the street on a hot day or in the hot sun.

* Brightly colored light objects and different shapes will attract the baby’s attention and help improve his eyesight. Move him slowly in front of him or install a mobile in one place along the baby’s eyes. This will develop his focus and strengthen his eye muscles.

* Try to move the mobile from one place to another from time to time so that the child can discover a new perspective.

* Try doing the exercise with your baby with a soft light shining in front of his field of vision to help him follow you with his eyes.

* When the baby is a little older, try to follow hand-eye coordination with a ball or small toy.

* Since the eye muscles are still developing, it’s normal for a baby to squint from time to time.

* Children should be taken to an ophthalmologist once a year for a general checkup. Unless you detect eye problems in your baby, they require immediate attention.

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