How To Change A Baby Diaper ?

How To A Change Baby Diaper

When a baby comes home, parents often wonder what diapers to wear, when to change diapers, how to apply the cream and how to clean it down, when and how to change the diapers, which diaper are good for babys skin. Proper diaper selection is a new experience for the first time parents. No need to worry we are sure to share some tips to make you a great and good parent.

Diaper changing habits :

Changing diapers is a practice subject. A babys nature requires changing more often than necessary. It is very important to know how to properly change and dress diapers. We are going to give you some tips that will teach you the discipline and you will be able to change them with out any hassle and your habits will change.

 One of the secrets to success is to have everything at your fingertips:

We need to have everything to avoid complications during baby diaper changes. Keep the wipes, a good and clean diaper and baby lotion in handy. And keep some extra cloths that will make it easier for you. When changing diapers, use a high changing table that will be comfortable for you and keep baby safe.but if you are away from home, use a foldable mat that you can carry in your bag. When everything is ready wash your hands but be carefull about the water tempreture as cold water is harmful for the baby.

Position the baby well to the change diaper:

Carefully place your baby on a table or a mat and create a comfortable environment in the diaper changing area that has a tempreture between 24 and 26 degrees. The important thing is that you should wear an outfit that makes your job easier. Talking or singing to the baby should be done during the diapar change toavoid the discomfort of the baby which changes the babys emotional state and your baby does not realize that his/her diaper is being changed. And when the baby is a little older, give him/her a toy that helps the child change his/ her mind.

Remove the diaper correctly :

For those new parents who haven’t changed diapers yet and are learning how to change a diaper, we will show you step by step how to change a diaper properly. To change the diaper we need to untie the adhesive ties and they should be moved back so that they do not stick to the baby skin. Because the baby skin is very thin and soft, you have to take care. It is recommended to wait a moments once the baby is unclothed or diapered as the change in tempreture usually causes them to urinate. You don’t want your baby to bother you all the time so wait a while to let them adjust to the temperature then change the diaper. Notice if there is any bowel movement after some time has passed. Be sure to notice the smell. If cleaning with a cloth or tissue after defecating then wearing a diaper .Be sure to wear the baby from the back to the front with the waist up.This is especially important to avoid infection in baby girl. Baby girl should clean from front to back. It is recommended to keep a wipe over his/ her penis or vagina during diaper changes if he/her urinates so it doesn’t get wet. Then lift the babys legs up holding the ankles and join the front to the back to close the diaper and expose your baby to play.

Clean the baby’s bottom well :

During a diaper change the baby’s legs must be lifted and the baby’s skin must be cleaned with a wet cloth or tissue. Girl baby should clean from front to back. In case of baby’s clean the yolk from knee to waist with warm water. In the case, do not use too much force as it may cause harm to the baby. Then carefully clean the baby’s skin with dry cloth or poly. Use a protective cream to reduce the wetness after the heat has been cleansed. But there is no need to take too much stress. We just need to take a proper care of the baby’s skin. Products for use by baby’s should be taken in consultation with a doctor. Do not use oil less powders. This is because it does not help prevent diaper rash and can be harmful when the baby breathes.

This is a last step but no less important. Place the diaper correctly so that the diaper does not leak.note well that the back of the diaper is at waist level. Make sure the diaper is not too tight or too loose. If you are a first time parent then you heave been reminded that there are different size of diapers. So the size of the diaper changes as the baby grows. because according to its age and if it is tight the baby’s skin may develop cracks. Never choose a tight or fit diapers for a baby. Choose a size larger if necessary to keep your baby comfortable and smiling.

Everything takes time :

Although it takes you a long time to read the first changes but this will become easier for you to do overtime as it is a matter of practice. You will do it better and faster every time than should be done several times especially in the first months. thats why this moment should not be turned into something stressful. Share these moment with the baby and play with them, sing songs and enjoy the time and parenthood

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