How to Develop Immune System  in your Baby’s Body

How to Develop Immune System in your Baby’s Body

Almost every parent is worried about their child’s safety. It has become more important nowadays. They want to know how they can strengthen their child’s immune system so that it can better protect itself against infectious diseases. If this is the case for you, here are some measures you can take to strengthen your baby’s immune system.

How is a child’s immune system?

Children are vulnerable to infectious diseases during the first years of their lives. Although they are born with some defenses, their immune system is still contagious and must be strengthened during their first years of life.

Children do not have antibodies or immune memory against many pathogens and antigens.  It is still not strong enough to stop the progress of certain pathogens.

What defenses does the newborn baby have?

During pregnancy you pass some of your antibodies and immune cells along with microbial antigens to your baby. So if your baby is born prematurely then the immune system is quite developed.  Every child’s immune system is different. These depend on the mother’s immune system and what you experience during pregnancy. Illness, stress and the mother’s diet can affect the baby’s immune system. Although the baby has some defenses, his immune system is not yet developed and will take a long time to develop.

What can we do to boost baby’s defenses?

There are some key tips that will help you boost your baby’s defenses.

Balanced diet:

Nutritional imbalances can alter a child’s immune system. Make sure the baby gets all the nutrients it needs. A balanced diet should not have any deficiency.

Take care of gut flora:

Gut bacteria promote digestion. Prevents the entry of pathogens and contributes to the development of the baby’s immune system.

Encourage outdoor activities.

Things that don’t help protect your baby:

There are many myths about children’s immune system, these are the most common.

How to Develop Immune System in your Baby’s Body

Things that don’t help protect your baby:

There are many myths about children’s immune system, these are the most common.

  1. Everything the baby touches must be sterilized. It is better to maintain a certain cleanliness. But contact with microorganisms present in the environment can help develop your baby’s immune system and helps prevent allergies.
  2. It is not right to take the baby out of the house in the first months of its birth. Do not give allergic foods to your child. Almost all foods contain allergens and not exposing your baby to them is the best way to prevent allergies. Your baby must be introduced to foods as directed by a health professional.
  3. Take your child to daycare: Children who attend day care before their first year of age are more susceptible to infections at this age. Their immune system is not yet matured and that is why they need Antibiotics that may be needed which can damage your gut flora.

How Your Immune System Helps Babies:

Breastfeeding is the best way to boost your baby’s immunity. It is a complementary food and helps in developing immunity of the baby. Through mother’s breast milk, you provide your baby with all the substances it needs to strengthen its immune system.

WHO recommends breastfeeding up to two years of age and it is recommended to introduce complementary foods from 6 months. Always introduce it gradually under the supervision of a pediatrician and choose the ones that are healthy for your baby.

There are certain nutrients that contribute to the normal functioning of the baby’s immune system:

Vitamin-D4 :

Fish and eggs contain vitamin D4. It is present as a pro-vitamin in some vegetables.

Zinc 5:

You can find it in meat nuts and oats.

Iron 6:

Iron 6 is ​​abundant in meats, lemons, lentils, and spinach.  They help in making the baby’s immune system strong.

Vitamin C:

It is found in all vegetables although it is found in peppers and fruits such as broccoli or strawberries or oranges. Vitamin C plays an effective role in strengthening the baby’s immune system.

Controlling everything baby eats and drinks is complicated so share with us some tips to help protect baby:

A varied diet:

The baby should be given a variety of food every day such as a whole cucumber, fruit, vegetables and lemons. Add a small amount of fish or meat and eggs to his diet every day.


Expose the newborn to as little sun as possible every day because the sun’s ultraviolet rays produce vitamin D in the baby’s skin.


Vaccines will boost your baby’s immune system so it can protect itself against certain infectious diseases.

Mother’s breast milk:

Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for babies. A pediatrician can give you the best advice on how to care for and feed your baby. But mother’s breast milk plays an important role in the full development and growth of the child. Also plays an effective role in strengthening its immune system.



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