How To Prevent Cloth Diapers Bad Smell in 2024

How to prevent Cloth diapers bad smell :
How to prevent Cloth diapers bad smell :
How to prevent Cloth diapers bad smell :

One of the products used for our baby is diapers whether it is disposable or cloth. Although many mothers express interest in using cloth diapers, mothers lose interest because of the bad smell after using diapers. There are many reasons why diapers smell bad. For example, if the bin or bag where you collect the diapers has not been cleaned for a long time or not properly dried in the sun, such problems can cause the diaper to smell. Let’s find out today how to get rid of or prevent diaper odor.


Ammonia smell:

Many of us do not know that baby urine contains ammonia which is naturally present in baby urine. It can irritate your baby’s skin when you detect it. You need to know which is urine odor and which is ammonia odor and You have to learn it separately. The smell of ammonia is stronger and some mothers compare it to hair dyer as some mothers say Eyes start watering when smelling ammonia. If your baby’s diaper smells of ammonia, try the techniques detailed below. If there is no smell, continue with your normal washing routine.


How to wash organic cloth diaper:

One of the main causes of loss of interest in cloth diapers is diaper washing. Many of us invest a lot of time in washing cloth diapers. We’ve heard from many moms that they don’t want to use a cloth diaper anyway because of the diaper wash. Anyway we are sharing with you how to wash

How to prevent Cloth diapers bad smell :

diaper easily and get rid of ammonia smell. Knowing these methods, you will definitely not want to get back disposable diapers.


When changing the diapers:

If your baby only urinates then it won’t be a big problem but if it does defecate you will need to collect it in the toilet before storing. But currently there are helpers for the job. Currently there are bio-degradable bamboo paper sheets that are placed on the back of the child and between the diaper and are intended to catch solid waste. When the diaper gets dirty, take the bamboo paper and throw it in the toilet and store the driver in the bag. Whether the child urinates or defecates, the diaper does not smell ammonia or any other odor when the bamboo paper is thrown away. Afterwards, wash the diaper and dry it well in the sun to avoid any ammonia smell.


 Storage time:

Generally dirty diapers cannot be stored for more than three days. All dirty diapers should be stored dry. It must be stored in a clean bag or basket. Never store diapers wet as this can encourage bacterial growth and damage the fibers of the diapers.


Washing time:

There are some diaper washing rules that you must follow when washing so that your used diapers can perform their maximum function. Never overload the washing machine. We recommend that a maximum of 10 to 12 diapers can be washed at the same time. And never mix diapers with other clothes.


*When washing diapers, be sure to follow the temperature, usually 40 degrees to 60 degrees should be washed with hot water. Washing diapers with hot water at this temperature removes ammonia and other odors.

*Never use chlorine when washing diapers because chlorine destroys the natural fibers and elasticity of diapers.

*Never use fabric softener in a diaper wash because it takes up space in the fabric and prevents them from working properly.

*Avoid highly scented colored detergents when washing diapers as they tend to accumulate diaper fibers and may combine with urine to create odors and also Use only bio-degradable detergents for diapers.

*Dry well in the sun as the diapers natural heat from the sun removes bacteria and ammonia odors.

*Avoid using a dryer and use it on the lowest setting unless you have no other option. Avoid keeping diaper covers inside out to avoid losing their waterproofness.

How to prevent Cloth diapers bad smell :

Rising Inserts:

A good technique for removing odors from inserts is to wash them with cold water and They should be washed until no lint comes out and then spread out in the sun.


Check the amount of detergent:

If the diaper has a bad odor, it should be washed with plenty of detergent as a general rule, you should use less than the detergent container cap. Some moms use one milliliter or one-quarter cup of detergent per diaper. If you use too much soap, soap scum can clog the diaper gaps. This can result in a diaper leak or an ammonia-like smell. Try to use biodegradable detergents as much as possible because they don’t have diaper odors.


Did you change Detergent :

If you change your detergent brand that it may cause bad odors. You should get an RLR treatment with all diapers beforehand if you have already done so. This will remove any traces of previous detergent from the diaper and remove odors such as ammonia and prepare it for new detergent. Always use the same detergent when washing diapers.  


 Pre wash:If you rinse dirty diapers with water and hang them in the sun to dry the diapers we urge you to stop this routine. Because just washing with cold water doesn’t remove the smell but before you wash it hang it in the shade then wash the diapers but before washing never dry in the sun. Diaper cleaning:Stripping is another useful technique for removing odors. This technique, also known as deep cleaning or boiling diaper drops, creates a diaper soup. First you should know that the striping is made of natural fibers only with fluted inserts. It is never made of microfiber or covers because they can quickly damage the fabric, snap, springs. To do this your insert must be clean and dry. Heat water in a clean vessel and add oxy to it. Then place the inserts in boiling hot water and wait 5 minutes. Then wash off with plenty of water and let it dry in the sun.


 RLR:RLR is a laundry treatment that is used to remove residue from hard or lint-free water and remove detergent deposits from clothes to remove odors.


 Chlorine Treatment:If the diaper odor persists after trying the previous routines, you can follow this method. Make a water solution using half a cup of bleach and soak the diapers in it. This step should remove odors from the diapers and eliminate fungus and may stretch the diaper fabrics. After some time wash it with plenty of water and let it dry in the sun. We do not recommend using chlorine in your daily diaper wash routine. This is because it damages the fibers of the diapers absorbers, reducing their fluid retention capacity. 

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