How To Take Care Of Your Baby Skin On Winter  Days?

How To Take Care Of Your Baby Skin On Winter Days?

Tips To baby skin care on winter.

How To Take Care Of Your Baby Skin On Winter Days?
How To Take Care Of Your Baby Skin On Winter Days?

The best way to take care of your baby in winter is to keep baby dry and follow some basic tips to prevent baby skin irritation.  The baby’s skin is very sensitive in the first stage, so in winter, the baby’s skin needs to be kept dry.

Taking care of your baby during winter is a must because this time of the year affects the baby’s skin aggressively. A combination of cold and heat can easily cause dryness and irritation.

Children’s skin is generally more delicate than adults’. Dryness is more likely to develop on baby’s skin during winter. So the solution is to take special care of the baby’s skin this time of the year. I will discuss in detail how to do this. Take some simple steps to take care of baby’s skin in winter and ditch some old habits.

Effect of cold on baby’s skin:

Children’s skin is usually five times thinner than that of adults. That is 40 to 60% dilution. Baby’s skin contains fat called subcutaneous. It helps the baby’s skin and body to flow less or it doesn’t get enough heat to the baby’s skin.

Baby’s skin is especially sensitive to external agents such as cold wind and heat and a neutral pH of baby’s skin makes baby’s skin more susceptible to infection.

Both cold and sudden changes in temperature can cause changes in the baby’s skin barrier. This can cause redness and peeling of the baby’s skin along with itching. The most commonly affected areas are the cheeks, lips and back of the hands.

Baby Skin Care Tips:

The best way to protect your baby’s skin in winter is to take preventive measures. It is nothing special but baby skin can be protected by daily practice.

Avoid sudden temperature changes:

Sudden changes in temperature not only affect the baby’s skin but can also cause various health problems. So the room temperature should not be too hot or too cold. The ideal temperature for children is temperate.

Be careful when getting out of the car. Babies’ skin can become dry when exposed to sudden temperature changes. It is recommended to have a humidifier in the room where you sleep, Because it helps regulate body temperature.


Hydration is essential to take care of baby in winter. This is a problem that must take 24 hours to work. For this it is better to use lotion suitable for baby skin. It should be applied to the baby’s skin usually every three to four hours. Moisturize baby’s lips with Vaseline.

How To Take Care Of Your Baby Skin On Winter Days?

A humidifier is very important in winter. Hot and dry winter winds remove a lot of moisture from the atmosphere , So this device is very necessary especially in winters. Be sure to give the baby regular milk and fluids as hydration must be internal.

Moderate Bathrooms:

Do not bathe the baby with very hot water as it encourages dryness. Instead of bathing the baby every day, it is better to bathe the baby every two to three days. A baby bath in winter should last for 5 to 10 minutes. Keeping babies in water for too long can cause health problems.

After bathing, the baby’s skin should be dried very well. So instead of rubbing the baby with a towel, gently remove the water from the baby’s body. Apply cream or oil when the baby’s body is dry.  Because it forms a protective film on the baby’s body which is very useful for the baby’s body.

Always use sunscreen:

The winter sun emits dangerous UV rays. One of the best ways to take care of your baby’s skin during this time is to apply sunscreen every time you take your baby out of the house. But your baby must be more than six months old.

Avoid diaper rash:

You should take care of your baby’s skin to avoid diaper rash. It is more important in winter. In the heat caused by wearing more clothes, there is a risk  to increase this problem. If the baby has a rash, do not apply powder but apply a cream containing zinc or Vaseline.

Daily massage:

Massage increases blood circulation and makes the skin more soft. Massage your baby’s body for at least 10 minutes every day. Some natural oils that make the baby’s body more soft. However, massage can attract dirt to the baby’s skin. So don’t forget to bathe the baby periodically. 


Be Careful With Eczema:

Bathe your baby frequently with a soap-free cleanser if your baby has eczema. It is even better to wash the wound area twice a day and gently pat it dry. If the appearance of the skin does not improve, consult a pediatrician. Usually this disease is more common in winter.

Take care of dandruff:

Dandruff is very common in babies. So it is not surprising to see skin flakes on the baby’s head. This is the result of overactive sebaceous glands in the scalp and It usually disappears after a few days. Applying light oil on baby’s scalp daily reduces dandruff.

Appropriate clothing:

Clothing that comes into contact with the baby’s skin should be soft and, if possible, made of natural fibers such as cotton. Baby clothes should be washed thoroughly every day. And remember that some babies may be allergic to wool.

Avoid too products:

There are various products in the market which are harmful to baby’s health. Such products should be avoided. A list of some products has been published.


Moisturizing products without perfume or alcohol should be avoided. Because its ingredients can irritate the baby’s skin. Medicated lotions are best. Application of medicated lotion does not cause irritation on the baby’s skin.


Products that contain fragrances and detergent are not good for baby’s skin. Using a soap-free cleanser is recommended to protect baby’s skin.



Sunscreen should not be applied to children younger than six months. At that age they should be protected from the sun’s UV rays with a stroller cover. Children over 6 months should use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. But they should not be kept in the sun for too long.

Take care of baby food and room temperature:

In winter, the baby should not be covered excessively, as the extra clothes will warm the baby’s body. It is important to include hydrating foods in a baby’s diet that strengthens the baby’s immune system. Many tips for baby skin care in winter may seem impossible for you. If you can adapt with a little practice, they will soon become part of your daily routine. These tips will protect baby’s skin from the winter effects that are pleasant for you.

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